09/08/2012 to 09/08/2012
The International Masters Symposium is a rare chance to attend \"Equestrian University\" for two days as Richard Shrake, Denny Emerson, Gail Lampe and Lynn Palm teach together in a new, unique and interactive classroom format. Take advantage of this unusual opportunity to learn from 4 famous equestrian experts in a format that will transcend the differences between different disciplines. The Symposium takes place in Chicagoland in Bristol, WI on Sept 8 and 9th and includes lunch for participants. Please contact Carolyn Kakuska at carolyn@firstclasshorsecomplex.com or 262-857-7348 or see www.firstclasshorsecomplex.com regarding tickets. Qualifies for Certified Horsemanship Assoc Instructors Program credits and benefits the USEF N.American Young Riders Championships.
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Chicagoland/ Bristol , Wisconsin