11/13/2010 to 11/13/2010
EAST TEXAS TEAM PENNING FINALS - 8 AM - SATURDAY - RUSK CO EXPO. No Charge for Spectators! Bring your family and friends to watch the ETTPA Finals. Qualified Riders will be competing for over $26,000 in Awards and Added Money! Prizes: 12 TODD JEYS SADDLES, also Buckles, Bell Boots, Saddle Racks, Saddle Pads, Stirrups, and Bridle Bags. Special Event: The 9 Fastest teams of the season will be competing in a 1 Go, Winner Take All, Fast-Go-Shoot-Out for a $1000 Jackpot! Concessions, Horse stalls and Electrical hookups Available. Contact: Rick Hudman: Phone: 903-445-7482. Email: Rick@ettpa.com. Website: www.ettpa.com .
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