09/24/2010 to 09/24/2010
Dr. Redden’s Learning to Read the Foot Inside and Out Sponsored by Equine Medical Associates, Inc and Jimbo Stewart. Come join renowned veterinarian and farrier Dr. Ric Redden September 24-25 for a special course teaching vets, farriers, owners and trainers how to fine tune their eye to detect subtle characteristics of the equine foot using three basic steps. Step one: Observe external features. We will spend time learning how to draw what we see when we look at a foot. Programming your eye by drawing key points greatly enhances our power of observation. Step two: Observe internal features. In this step we will explore how the inside of the foot greatly influences the shape and strength of the outside by drawing actual radiographs of a variety of feet, from healthy to pathological. Step three: Learn the basic mechanical formula. Understanding how the forces at play influence the overall health of the foot can open up a wide variety of treatment options as well as preven
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