11/15/2010 to 11/15/2010
Reach Out to Horses presents... A Unique Approach to Foal Handling with Anna Twinney Anna has designed a unique program to start foals on the right foot. By introducing them to basic handling at the age of weaning or when first possible we prepare them for a best possible start. During this one-day special, through discussion, demonstrations and a portion of hands-on experience, we shall examine: * How to first introduce yourself to the untouched foal * Your personal approach, body language & intention * Suitable touch & grooming * De-sensitizing to ropes and halters in preparation to handling * Introducing first-time pressure - rewarding tries * Yielding to pressure * Working amongst a herd of babies * Recognizing their language * Understanding the duration of lessons * Creating the right lesson plan for you and your foal * Acceptance of halters - how to teach your foal to lower his head into the halter * Procedures f
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