04/11/2010 to 04/11/2010
Gentle Approach Specialist Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves, LLC® Will be holding a Gentle Solutions Partnership & Confidence Building Clinic featuring “The Importance of Groundwork to Horsemanship Skills” at Kay El Bar Ranch 34711 Kay El Bar Wickenburg, AZ April 11-18, 2010 Katherine Barbarite, Nationally and Internationally known Specialist of Gentle Partnership Building, has mastered a straight forward set of exercises that immediately places a solid foundation keeping heightened safety in mind. No matter what riding level or discipline, this clinic builds elevated CONFIDENCE for horse and rider. Take home a higher level of trust, communication and bonding. Replace fear and competition with introducing yourself to your equine friend with the ultimate joy of the dance. Understand the three T’s Theory, Technique, and Timing of Frank Bell’s 7 Step Safety System. Begin your journey in understanding how to use the four quarters. ---Ask and Wait for Answers, then Give for
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Wickenburg , Arizona