08/29/2009 to 08/29/2009
Enjoy the weekend riding on the beach! Colt Starting & Problem Solving from 9:00-12:00 Catching horses in a way that is fitting for the horse, introduction to haltering and leading, building your horses confidence in you by helping them deal with objects or situations that activate the self-preservation instinct. You will cover saddling, bridling, and riding; learning to read when a horse is ready mentally and emotionally for this step. The participants will also learn to deal with common behavior issues that stem from a communication gap between horse and human, i.e. spooky/pull back horses, hard to bridle, hard to trim or shoe, pushing through the leg or bridle, refusing jumps or water crossing and other obstacles, barn sour, trailer loading, striking/kicking, biting, rearing, and bucking. Horsemanship On the Beach from 1:00-4:00 Introducing the art of feel through the sense of touch, moving the horses feet with your hands, with the lead rope, snaffle connection
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