12/06/2009 to 12/06/2009
NEWS….NEWS….NEWS….NEWS….NEWS……. This Just In……….. Gentling Specialist Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves, LLC® Is Featuring “THE GIDDY UP GANG RIDE AGAIN” At the Historical Kay El Bar Guest Ranch December 6-13, 2009 Yippy Yeah Haw, roaring with fun and camaraderie!! The sounds of thundering hooves and the calling out from your steed. Beautifully nestled adjacent to the Hassaympa River, were once seen wagon trails traveled. Scenic rolling mountains, numerous multi colored canyons and breathtaking views with the Arizona blue sky. Designed for those wanting to further their Confidence and knowledge in Horsemanship skills, bringing it to the next level. Stay at the Famously Historical Kay El Bar, an authentic, spectacular guest ranch in the heart of the Wild West. Riding all day with the cow folk, not only building on your riding skills, but also developing life long friendships. Take moonlight walks enjoying the stars as th
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