11/14/2009 to 11/14/2009
Just Three Days Away from Uncovering your Destiny What if you knew you were only three days away from creating a fulfilling, abundant life? What if you were only 3 days from knowing what truly brings joy into your life? What If you were only 3 days from uncovering your life’s purpose? These days there is a lot of talk about manifesting desires, about making your dreams come true and living a life of abundance and success. With the recent popularity of “The Secret” and other life changing books and movies, people once again are being introduced to a very simple idea: You have the power to create the life of your dreams. Plenty of wonderful programs exist to teach you the “How's” of changing your life. Every famous speaker, teacher and development organization has their unique brand, technique and style of helping you “reprogram” your mind for abundance and success. Unfortunately though this is where many of those programs stop. So, like children we bring more an
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