06/07/2009 to 06/07/2009
Anna is offering a 6-day clinic to be held at Bitterroot Ranch. This clinic is designed to give you the unique opportunity to learn and experiment with the methods and concepts of the “Language of Equus” and is invaluable to prospective horse owners, horse lovers, riders, trainers and managers. During the week through demonstrations, lectures and exercises you will experience how all contact with your horses, your intentions your body language form a communication system. You will learn how to gain trust with your horse while training; read, assess & attune to a horse; establish a clear communication; identify & understand how horses talk through body language; build a partnership for competition and increase the willingness of your horse by developing your relationship. You will then use this same language for solving behavioral issues such as pulling back, crossing water and other obstacles by the end of the week. You will also become a certified practitioner of Reiki, the Japanes
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Dubois , Wyoming