04/04/2009 to 04/04/2009
Animal Communication, also known as inter-species telepathic communication is the ability to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species. This two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and other intuitive senses. It is not supernatural, but actually a natural way of communicating with animals and even people! We just need to reawaken our innate intuitive senses to experience this extraordinary skill. Other animals communicate telepathically with one another all the time. Horses, for example, see the pictures that we form in our minds and are aware of our agenda and intentions beyond any words. Animal communication is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience if they open, love, and listen to the animals. You will experience the beauty and harmony of the natural world and awaken to exactly what is possible when we understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, w
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