02/13/2009 to 02/13/2009
Liz Mitten Ryan and Carolyn Resnick Guest Host Life Changing Radio Series on February 13. Every rider dreams of having a horse with heart – full of grit and try in the ring or on the trail, going that extra distance. Can one cultivate that level of love and friendship with a horse? Animal Communicator Liz Mitten Ryan and Natural Horse Trainer Carolyn Resnick say yes you can and they will share their knowledge freely with Natural Horse Network’s Life Changing Radio Series listeners on February 13 at 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Hosted by natural horse care expert DC, Natural Horse Network provides inspiration to the horse community and offers something for every equestrian discipline. Both Mitten Ryan and Resnick are leaders in the equine communication field. They have fresh understanding of equine language gained through observing wild horse herds and they use their observations to develop heart connections with horses. Their discoveries have led them to publish books and to tour
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