10/18/2008 to 10/18/2008
This is a safe, non-threatening introduction to horsemanship. This basic program will allow children to interact with a pony or horse while learning about grooming, safety, equine needs and basic care, as well as the ponyís senses and body language. Included are grooming, saddling and common horse sense, as well as the doís and doníts associated with the safe handling of the pony. This Program offers a safe and enjoyable introduction to the wonderful world of horses in a supportive and fun-filled atmosphere. Each session ends with a hand-led pony ride in an enclosed arena on the pony the child has been working with, not to mention plenty of photo opportunities for mom and dad! Ages 4-8. $25 per child. 90 minutes. Reservations and deposit required. Limit 8 children. Boots, long pants, and bicycle or riding helmet required.
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Gilbert , Arizona