06/07/2008 to 06/07/2008
Petra’s teaching forte is her ability to correctly access both the strengths and weaknesses of the horse and rider combination and communicate at their level solutions that work. Correct movement, balance, and strength are key to your horse’s ability to maximize his athletic talents, enjoy his work and stay sound and healthy. As a rider and partner your responsibility is to communicate in kind and consistent manner a mostly unspoken language of commands in a way your horse understands and willing responds to. Petra’s seeks to unite you and your horse into a harmonious partnership of fluid movement, grace and beauty. This is the “Dance of Dressage”.Petra enjoys working with riders of all ages, skill levels and goals. She is continually refining her riding and training methods to produce consistent, positive and lasting results. Only by advancing your knowledge, understanding and connection to your horse can continued positive progress be obtained.
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Gainesville , Florida