09/22/2007 to 09/22/2007
As you know, many horse owners donˇ¦t fully understand or realize the importance of ˇ§totalˇ¨ horse care. We all know or think we know the basics of feeding, trimming and riding but there is so much more to the total well being of a horse. In the September 22nd equine seminar, our goal is to inform horse owners and answer questions such as; „« How do I properly feed my horse? Are supplements necessary? „« My horse isnˇ¦t tracking the same as yesterday, would a message or manipulation help? „« Why wonˇ¦t my horse take his right lead? „« How do I know if my saddle fits correctly and why is it so important? „« Shoes or barefoot? Why is foot care so critical? „« Iˇ¦m trying to get a good picture of my horse, what am I doing wrong? „« Are there any local places to ride and what are the rules & regulations? „« Life saving facts we should know! „« Why taking care of my horseˇ¦s teeth are so important? So, after saying all that,
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