12/02/2006 to 12/02/2006
Just when you wanted to put away your horse and hide from winter inside, Cross 9 Ranch is giving you a reason to keep riding through the cold months with Softer Side Saturdays. Led by Linda Black, the ranch will host “Softer Side of Horsemanship” lessons from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays throughout the winter. Mounted and unmounted exercises in the indoor arena—and, when weather permits, outside—are designed to sharpen your horsemanship skills and learn to communicate more effectively with your horse. Linda Black began the Softer Side of Horsemanship program eight years ago specifically to meet the needs of women riders. Not just another how-to-ride-your-horse instruction program, Softer Side is a unique journey to evolve your understanding, respect, and relationship with your horse in a supportive environment. Black’s endeavors as a team roper, barrel racer, and showperson are balanced with 20 years of real-life ranching experience and a year-long journey across the United States
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Spiceland , Indiana