11/19/2006 to 11/19/2006
Model horses can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or gender. The hobby encompasses a wide variety of activities, from those who simply like to collect to those who enthusiastically show their models at model horse shows. Each piece is a highly accurate, airbrushed sculpture and work of art. In the 1970s, US model horse collectors decided that their horses should be doing something else than just sitting on a shelf. Realism became the goal of the hobby and as the hobby grew and more techniques were shared, the shift in realism became more apparent. Today miniature tack is made from leather, and include actual miniature bits. People travel from far and wide to attend model shows. Each shower usually gets their own table. The \"model horse rings\" are usually tables with ring numbers, and this is where showers place their horses to be judged. Judges are usually looking at condition and correctness of the individual model as it relates to the breed or riding discipline that
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