05/31/2006 to 05/31/2006
Pat Wyse has spent 30+ years teaching riders a very efficient system for training their own horses. Pat calls this system the \"Basic Handle.\" This program is a progressive set of skills designed to increase a rider's ability while taking advantage of the horse's natural athletic talent. Whether you want to increase your horseís performance in the show ring, on the ranch, or just down the trail, Patís techniques produce results! In order to maximize each riderís learning opportunity, this clinic consists of an evening lecture/video presentation and 4 days under saddle. Video analysis of the horse and rider teams is also used. Cost for riders is $325.00 for all 5 days. If you would like more information on Patís programs please visit his website at www.horsewyse.com.
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Nampa , Idaho