06/23/2006 to 06/23/2006
Brent Graef is dedicated to helping people find a way to offer their horses a better deal... to see things from their horse's perspective and work WITH them instead of against them. Brent has a gift for teaching, and feels very blessed to be able to share the information he's learned with so many people who are seeking to improve their horsemanship skills. One of Brent's mentors, Ronnie Willis, said to him, \"Son, with anything you do with horses there are about a hundred different ways to get it done. About 70 of them will be effective. About 10, maybe 15 of those ways will be a good deal for the horse. Your duty to your horse is to find a way that's effective, and a good deal for your horse.\" As students of the horse, these are words for us to live by.
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