09/11/2006 to 09/11/2006
Extend your knowledge of the language of Equus by attending this 2 week intensive course. Now that you’ve been introduced to another way of communicating and relating to horses, expand your knowledge to encompass everyday aspects of handling them. Through herd observations and numerous exercises you will learn how to read your horse, how to behave and respond to them, how to gain respect and maintain ground manners, along with helping them to overcome natural fears and concerns. Your initial contact and first impressions are an important key to the foundation of the relationship along with consistency. The horses reflect who you are and as their story unfolds before you, so will your own! Safety is paramount and as such we will examine ways to approach horses and respond to them correctly in their own environment of a stall, paddock or turn-out. Experience the impact your eyes have and learn how effective they can be to draw a horse to you, gain their attention, alter their spe
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Zirconia , North Carolina