02/25/2006 to 02/25/2006
Bring your horse for two-days of hands-on *performance improvement** work with Don Blazer Feb. 25 and 26, 2006 at Allegany College of Maryland,* Cumberland. As a bonus to the event which will feature a vendor*s row and* a tack swap meet, Eleanor Richards will tell you how to *Feed Your Foal a* Happy Meal*, and explain nutritional *Care for Your Old Friend*.* Richards, an equine nutrition specialist, teaches Nutrition for Maximum* Performance, one of the 15 Allegany online equine study courses. The* Performance Improvement clinic will be limited to 12 horse/rider* combinations. (Call 301.784.5121 to make a horse/rider reservation.)* Everyone attending the event is welcome to audit the clinic at no charge,* and everyone is invited to attend Richard*s presentations at no charge.* Participants will receive a college certificate of completion. Blazer has* trained world champion competitors in western riding and winners in* Dressage. *
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