11/13/2005 to 11/13/2005
Are you ready to improve your skills? Sharon can assist you to accelerate your learning and to build a solid foundation On Line, at Liberty, in Free Style riding, and riding with Finesse. Together, you can work to accelerate your horsemanship skills, improve the confidence of your horse, and experience the wonderful partnership that can exist between you and your horse! Come experience the Fun! Clinic participants should have passed Level 1 and have started Level 2. Any one is welcome to audit. There are still a few participant slots still open. If you want more information, please email me at Blue2990@earthlink.net. Please put “clinic” in the subject line of email. A few private lesson slots are also available while Sharon is in town. Please email for availability and prices. Fees: Participants $550 for 2-day clinic ($440 for Savvy club members) Auditors $50 for 2-day clinic ($30 for Savvy club members)
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Indiantown , Florida