06/23/2005 to 06/23/2005
This clinic forms the foundation for all others as you will be introduced to the silent language of the horse. Through demonstrations, lectures, exercises and “hands-on”, which can be tailored to your requirements, you will experience how all contact with your horse, your intentions and body language form a communication system. You will be provided with means for recognizing and interpreting the language so that you can build upon your knowledge at home. Understanding the way the horse perceives the world and how it learns will enable you to work with their mind and not their body mass. Witness the starting of a young horse to its first saddle, bridle and (where applicable) rider and the following days of training through non-violent methods. As you see the harmony unfold before you, notice the young horse develop personality and build confidence. Through continuity of body language and ground-driving exercises we will show you the natural progression to take this same language
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Bethany , Connecticut