06/27/2005 to 06/27/2005
Imagine being pulled out of your home, away from your family and friends and taken to an unknown place where you are introduced to foreigners who do not speak your language. This is exactly what these symbols of freedom so often experience. By understanding and attuning to these magnificent creatures, and seeing the world through their eyes, you will begin to master their language. You will learn how to socialize them, create trust & value in a relationship and identify their motivation & learning styles. This class is ideal for those who have recently fostered or adopted untouched horses and can be arranged in your area. Immerse yourself in a 5-day workshop at Return to Freedomís Wild Horse Sanctuary, located in the picturesque valley of Jalama, just 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara, California. This is a unique opportunity to observe wild horses in their natural habitat. You will begin to understand non-verbal communication with the natural world, be introduced to herd dyna
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