06/04/2005 to 06/04/2005
Mission: We have organized to provide a refuge for the spirit (the animating force within living beings). We provide services for those with hidden disabilities (ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Illiteracy, low-self-esteem), mainly youth, but not excluding adults (seniors more than welcome) and those of any age, gender, economic background, race, religion, or color. The environment of an equine facilitated farm with clean, fresh air, non-clinical setting, where equines are mirrors of the human participant. Safety, respect and trust are instilled and practiced, better human beings are made, life lessons; with consequences, come naturally. Healthy relationship building is enforced and rewarded through equine education clinics, equine research information is shared; and offered in an inclusive, informative, non- threatening setting. Private equine-human sessions available. Proceeds from fundraising clinics and trail rides go to care of equine facilitators and client scholarships. All ta
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Cherryvale, KS , Kansas