05/14/2005 to 05/14/2005
Here is a great chance to ride cross-country courses by yourself, or with a friend...no pressure, JUST FUN! You will be scored on your pace time (0.4 time penalties per sec for excessive speed, or being too slow), 3 refusals or off course will mean elimination. Closest to optimum time wins. Time penalties, and refusals will be scored using United States Eventing Association guidelines. Opportunities to school will be granted following the conclusion of the Hunter Pace for a $10.00 grounds fee. PAIRS Classes: Time starts with the first horse to leave the start box, and finishes with the last horse to cross the finish line. Refusals will be counted until the first horse makes it over (maximum 5 refusals on course for safety reasons). At least 1 rider must jump each obstacle. Riders may trade off which one chooses to jump, or they may both jump. Remember the finish line must be crossed at the trot, with no circling in front of the finish line. Class 1A. /1B Warm-up (Pairs) (Sing
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