07/30/2004 to 07/30/2004
Jean-Claude Racinet \"Riding in Lightness\" French Classical Dressage Clinic July 30 - August 2 2004 Learn the art of “Riding in Lightness” from French classical master Jean-Claude Racinet. Jean-Claude’s teaching stems from the works of two major French masters, La Guérinière and Baucher. A fundamental basic principle of riding in lightness is the absolute lightness of the horse to the hands, seat and legs of the rider. As the training progresses, the horse performs more and more in self maintained impulsion, carriage and collection, the rider practicing an almost permanent release of the aids. Lessons are being booked now. For additional information or to register please visit the clinic Web site at www.jcrclinic.info or contact Heather Carle at heather@carle.info
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