09/25/2004 to 09/25/2004
The first clinic in the 2004 Cross 9 Ranch Softer Side of Horsemanship All-Girl Clinic Series, held April 17 and 18, was booked full weeks before the clinic even began. The participants, ten female riders from Indiana and surrounding states, attended two days of workshops taught by Linda Black at Cross 9 Ranch in Spiceland, IN.

This first in the four-part clinic series focused on \"feel.\" Working with their Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Paints, and American Saddlebreds, Black used a variety of mounted and unmounted exercises to help the riders direct their horses' \"life force\" in a way that made sense to both human and horse. Riders also learned how to build their horses' confidence and trust using obstacles including hills, trees, logs, a bridge, and even a buffalo.

The three remaining events in the 2004 Softer Side of Horsemanship All-Girl Clinic Series will be held rain or shine at Cross 9 Ranch on:
June 26-27, focusing on \"timing\";
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