Chris Kappler and Royal Kaliber Win the $150,000 AGA Championship!

Chris Kappler and Royal Kaliber Win the $150,000 AGA Championship!
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Wellington, FL ? April 6 ? Chris Kappler riding the horse he co-ownswith Kathy Kamine won the $150,000 AGA Championship. Chris Kappler andRoyal Kaliber produced the only 2 complete clear rounds out of 30competitors. Royal Kaliber is a Dutch Warmblood stallion and just lastweek won the $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational with Chris.Carling King and Kevin Babington were second with only 1 time fault.Carling King, an Irish Sport Horse gelding, is owned by Kindle HillFarm. In third place, Meredith Beerbaum and Shutterfly were fastest inthe jump off with a total of 4 faults for the two rounds. She actuallyhad a clean jump off round but carried 4 faults over from her firstround.

The $10,000 Amateur Owner AGA Championsip had only 2 horses out of 30 gowith fault-free rounds. Tani Anderson with Illusion and Amanda Fortewith Minuet were in the jump off. Minuet and Amanda Forte had a cleanjump off round while Tani and Illusion had a rail and voluntarilywithdrew.

Paige Johnson won the $15,000 High Junior Jumper AGA Championship ridingher own horse, Reddy Teddy. Paige was the only rider to have a cleanround in the jump off. Michael Morrissey came in second riding Carrera.Carrera is owned by The Ridge Farm and had the last rail down in thejump off for 4 faults. Seven competitors returned for the jump off ?all had 4 faults except Paige Johnson.

Ricochet won the $10,000 Adult Amateur AGA Championship with LindaUrioste riding.

   1001   $150,000 BUDWEISER AGA CHAMPIONSHIP     TABLE II, 1.2(d)                         Entries =  30     LEVEL INT 1 $45000 ROYAL KALIBER            CHRIS KAPPLER            KATHY KAMINE             CHRIS KAPPLER 2 $33000 CARLING KING             KEVIN BABINGTON          KINDLE HILL FARM 3 $19500 SHUTTERFLY               MEREDITH BEERBAUM        HYPERION FARM 4 $12000 CONEJO                   KAREN CUDMORE            BLAIR CUDMORE 5  $9000 URSA MAJOR               JEFFERY WELLES           M/M FRED CROFT           HIGH DUNES FARM LLC 6  $7500 HIDDEN CREEK'S JONES     MARGIE ENGLE             HIDDEN CREEK FARM 7  $6000 GLASGOW                  NORMAN DELLO JOIO        THE GLASGOW GROUP 8  $4500 CAPITAL S                NONA GARSON              KAMINE FAMILY            NONA GARSON 9  $4500 CONQUEST 11              BEEZIE MADDEN            M/M JOSEPH PATTON10  $3000 COCU                     LESLIE HOWARD            JANE F. CLARK11  $3000 GOSSE D'ORION            CANDICE KING             LOUISBURG FARM LLC12  $3000 WHO KNOWS LILLY          FEDERICO SZTYRLE         SAG POND FARM   1016   $15,000 HIGH AMATEUR-OWNER CHAMPIONSHIP TIME FIRST JUMP-OFF, II, 2.2(a)          Entries =  32     LEVEL 8 1  $4500 MINUET                   AMANDA FORTE             JOURNEY'S END FM 2  $3000 ILLUSION                 TANI ZEIDLER ANDERSON    ZEIDLER FARM LLC 3  $1500 PADDY O'REILLY           SHELLY FELLERS           RICH FELLERS             SHELLY FELLERS 4  $1000 FILO FOX                 DEE THOMAS               DEE THOMAS 5   $900 OCTOBER HILL'S POCO LOCO ERIN DAVIS               OCTOBER HILL SALES 6   $800 TULIP                    MARY MORICOLI            MARY MORICOLI 7   $750 CALEO                    JILL GUMBERG             SKARA GLEN STABLE 8   $600 GINO                     KATHARINE KELLY          KATHARINE KELLY 9   $600 JOLIEN                   REBECCA ASTROM           TWIN OAKS FARM           PAMELA ASTROM10   $450 ENZO LA MULUTIERE        CAROLINE LLOYD           CAROLINE LLOYD11   $450 R MABLE KZ               MICHELLE PIA             MICHELLE PIA             MORGAN HILL PARTNERS12   $450 ROSANNA                  JUDY GAROFALO            HIGHER GROUND FARM   1022   $10,000 SENIORS AGA CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDIITIME FIRST JUMP-OPFF, II, 2.2(a)         Entries =  15     LEVEL 5 1  $3000 UNELLIE                  POLLY MCTAGGART          POLLY MCTAGGART 2  $2000 VIKING                   DIANE JOHNSTON           DIANE JOHNSTON 3  $1000 PRINCESS.                ROBI GREENBERG           MOGGY FALLS FARM 4   $700 CRACKER JACK             POLLY MCTAGGART          POLLY MCTAGGART 5   $600 LORDICA                  LEA ALLEN                LEA ALLEN 6   $500 AERIAL                   DIANE JOHNSTON           DIANE JOHNSTON 7   $500 LIBERTY DANE             BUD MARTIN               MR BUD MARTIN 8   $400 JOY RIDE.                SANDRA O'DONNELL         SANDRA O'DONNELL 9   $400 ISABELLE                 DONALD LATSHA            ASHLEY LATSHA10   $300 KING.                    DIANE JOHNSTON           DIANE JOHNSTON11   $300 CANDIDO                  CAROLYN TRIBBLE          CAROLYN TRIBBLE12   $100 GERONIMO.                MARSHA DAMMERMAN         SAND CASTLE FARM12   $100 BACCARA                  WENDY RAETHER            TRELAWNY FARM INC.12   $100 MISSISSIPPI              BUD MARTIN               MR BUD MARTIN   1024   $10,000 ADULT AMATEUR AGA CHAMPIONSHIP  ROUND II TIME FIRST JUMP-OFF II, 2.2(a)  Entries =  30     LEVEL 4 1  $3000 RICOCHET..               LINDA URIOSTE            LOURDES DEGUARDIOLA 2  $2000 MUZCOT                   CHRISTINE WALSH          CHRISTINE WALSH 3  $1000 LE ROYAL LUCK            JESSICA LEMONTE          JESSICA LEMONTE 4   $700 GUELFE AUX CLERCS        MARGARITA VARGAS         MARGARITA VARGAS 5   $600 PRIDE                    ANDREA NEVES             ANDREA NEVES 6   $500 PAINT IT BLACK           ANNIE FRAZIER            ANNIE FRAZIER            PINECROFT LLC 7   $500 ANJELICA                 CHRISTINE WALSH          SUSANNE DURST 8   $400 MANTOLOKING              ALEXANDRA ROSENSTEIN     ALEXANDRA ROSENSTEIN 9   $400 HOUSTON                  JAYNE NESSIF             JAYNE NESSIF10   $300 CHAPO                    PATRICIA KNAFO           PATRICIA KNAFO11   $300 NAGANO                   MARGARITA VARGAS         MARGARITA VARGAS12   $300 PISTOL PETE.             KATHERINE SHAUGHNESSY, MAMARY K SHAUGHNESSY,      SHAMROCK VENTURES LLC   1026   $15,000 HIGH JR. JUMPER AGA CHAMPIONSHIP  TIME FIRST JUMP-OFF, II, 2.2(a)        Entries =  25     LEVEL 8 1  $4500 REDDY TEDDY              PAIGE JOHNSON            PAIGE JOHNSON            SALAMANDER FARM 2  $3000 CARRERA                  MICHAEL MORRISSEY        THE RIDGE FARM,LLC 3  $1500 AMOS                     AIMEE ARON               KINLOCH ENT. 4  $1000 HARIBO                   CODY BAIRD               OCTOBER FARM 5   $900 LYSIENNE Z               DANIELLE GOLDSTEIN       STARWYN FARMS LLC 6   $800 CASTANIA                 NANCY S AMLING           NANCY S AMLING 7   $750 MAVERICK.                NANCY S AMLING           NANCY S AMLING 8   $600 MAEVA                    ANNA MCKNIGHT            ESTHER KANE-WARING 9   $600 ORLANDIA                 CODY BAIRD               OCTOBER FARM10   $450 CONTEMPORALIS            PAIGE JOHNSON            PAIGE JOHNSON            SALAMANDER FARM11   $450 INTERSAT FLOYD           MELISSA ORLICK           LYNN ZBIERSKI12   $450 LONDON CALLING           LARA GAY                 RCG FARM LLC   1028   $10,000 LOW JR. JUMPER AGA CHAMPIONSHIP TIME FIRST JUMP-OFF, II, 2.2(a)          Entries =  26     LEVEL 6 1  $3000 IRKILLY..                JENNIFER URIOSTE         SARAH HESS 2  $2000 MARCO BELLO              KATIE BREEDLOVE          NICOLE BREEDLOVE 3  $1000 JAMAICA                  AIMEE ARON               KINLOCH ENT. 4   $700 RAPUNZEL                 JENNIFER URIOSTE         LOURDES DEGUARDIOLA 5   $600 KALIMEA                  CAROLYN KELLY            CAROLYN KELLY 6   $500 MON GAMIN                BRIANNE GOUTAL           CLOVERLEAF FARM 7   $500 VIRGIL                   DANIELLE GOLDSTEIN       STARWYN FARMS LLC 8   $400 COR DE SON               KATE LANDAU              KATE LANDAU 9   $400 LACOST..                 BRIANNE GOUTAL           MARY B. SCHWAB10   $300 CHAGALL 115.             CAROLYN KELLY            CAROLYN KELLY11   $300 LARAMY                   MICHAEL MORRISSEY        FRANK CONWAY12   $300 WYATT EARP.              ADAM PRUDENT             PLAIN BAY FARM   1030   $3,000 CHILDREN'S JUMPER CHAMPIONSHIP   ROUND II, TIME FIRST JUMP-OFF II,2.2(a)  Entries =  20     LEVEL 4 1   $900 SHE'S ALL THAT           ELLIOT POPPER            RACHEL POPPER 2   $600 TURKO                    DANIEL BLUMAN            STEVEN BLUMAN 3   $300 VIVA LA ROSE             TAYLOR FLURY             ALI BOO FARM INC. 4   $210 NACHO MAMA               TARYN NOLTE              M/M MICHAEL WALTON 5   $180 BRUIN                    KELLY KOZICH             KELLY KOZICH 6   $150 GAMESPEED..              HANNAH SMOOT             HANNAH SMOOT 7   $150 LAKELAND DIAMOND         COURTNEY ROSE            KRISTIN LIEBOWITZ 8   $120 CLOVER YIELD..           LAUREN QUIROZ            LAUREN QUIROZ 9   $120 RECRUIT K                JOELLE SAVINO            JOELLE SAVINO10    $90 SOLO                     LAUREN QUIROZ            LAUREN QUIROZ11    $90 WAIKATO                  NICOLE CHERNYS           NICOLE CHERNYS           KOBIE ENT.12    $90 CHUCK                    NIKKI URSPRUNG           NIKKI URSPRUNG   1032   $3,000 PONY JUMPER AGA CHAMPIONSHIP     ROUND II TIME FIRST JUMP-OFF II, 2.2(a)  Entries =   3     LEVEL 3 1   $900 INDIGO                   JULIANNA FISCHER         JULIANNA FISCHER 2   $600 KROME                    KEVIN FERGUSON           KEVIN FERGUSON 3   $300 TALLYMAN                 KATIE BROWN              CASTLEWOOD FARM